Friday, November 27, 2009

My 2009 Christmas Quilt

That's how my 2009 Christmas Quilt looks like right now. Hope to finish in time for Christmas... (o:
Still have lots of quilting to do! I'll keep y'all posted!

Another Sweet Treat Bag from Moda

Well, on this one I used some different stitches from my sewing machine. I really had fun doing it!
I even took a closer picture, which didn't come out as well as the first one, but you can have an idea of how cute it looks! And the button... Really sweet!

Wish all my friends that stop by my blogs a wonderful weekend!!!


Andrea Louise.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lil Zipper Bag from Moda

I am really having lots of fun making these recipes from Moda Bake Shop and using Moda Fabrics as well!
This little zipper bag turned out beautiful and it is very easy and fast to make.
If you want the recipe, here is the link, and have fun!!!
And since it's Christmas time, I've decided to make one necessaire for each woman of my family and for some friends also. I am pretty sure they'll love it!


Andrea Louise.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another Sweet Treat Bag from Moda

Each one prettier than the other!!! (o:

Another Sweet Treat Bag from Moda

It seems I never get tired of making those treat bags from Moda! And since I am really having fun, I've decided to make one for each closest friend I have. Isn't it the nicest idea?!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sweet Treat Bag from Moda Fabrics

I guess this weekend I am having lots of fun with Moda Fabrics' Honey Buns! With the same honey bun (Swanky Chez Moi) I used to make the journal cover, I made this gorgeous bag and still have fabric to think of something else to have fun with!
You'll find the recipe at Moda's site or here. Very easy to assemble!
The button, I bought in a store near my house and where I have some classes every now and then. It's called Art & Borda and you can access its site here.
Hope y'all enjoyed too!!!


Andrea Louise.

Taking a nap...

"While my mom is sewing, I take a nap, but I really want to play..." (o: That's what I think my dear beagle Cookie thinks sometimes. She's always around me everywhere, no matter what. And then I hear people saying they don't like dogs... Oh, well...

Journal Cover from Moda

This journal cover I made using Moda Fabrics' and the recipe from Moda Bake Shop
( I really had fun assembling the precut pieces together! And take a look at the result! I loved it!!!!! You will find the recipe very easy to understand which does not happen with some of the Brazilian magazines unfortunatelly... Before I forget, the inside fabric is from another place. I used Swanky Chez Moi Honey Buns from Moda.
Since I HAD to start and finish the journal today, I didn't have the ribbon to attach. For the next one I promisse I will have ribbons! (o:

Friday, November 20, 2009

Painted Shed

Today I talked to Steph, one of my good friends from Uvalde, Texas, United States. We met back then when I was an exchange student lost in Uvalde! Well, that was a looooong time ago! It was nice and I hope we keep in touch from now on.
She has the cutest blog where she shows all the work she does with all kinds of things. You should check it out! The name of the blog has its link, just click on it.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Painel de Natal - Advent Quilt

Gente, esse painel da Nancy Halvorsen, fiz para uma pessoa muito querida! Espero que ela goste.
O quilt é todo com linha dourada. Ao vivo ficou liiiiiindo!!!!


Andrea Louise.